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Features: Rate and Review Script
5 Stars

EasyReviewScript is a great tool to use if you want to quickly add user content to your affilate marketing web site. EasyReviewScript comes ready for use with sample database and MySQL table create files. The entire script is fully customizable so you can change the look and layout as much as you want to match your site.
Plus, EasyReviewScript allows you to page through a large number of records and set the number of reviews you want listed per page. This script also allows you to verify valid email syntext before submission.
You can even track the IP address of the person writing the review. IP address tracking can be useful in case of annoying spammers and unwanted entries, you can just block their IP Address if your hosting account has an IP Manager.
EasyReviewScript Download Package includes:
  • 5 Supporting ASP files
  • 2 Create Database table files
  • 1 Sample Product Database Incude File with Sample Images to products
  • You get the 5 Star images (1-5 Stars) or you can use your own images
  • Readme Text File with set up instructions
  • 2 CSS files
  • Read Me File
Your setup time will be determined by your skill level. More experienced ASP and MySQL user should be able to set and configure easyreview in less then an hour.
Download EasyReviewScript Now For Only $5!
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