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Finally! An ASP Five Star Rate and Review Script 
EasyReviewScript v1.0 Rate and Review Script
If you are tired of searching for a star rate and review script that doesn't cost a fortune, but gives your site that extra edge you've been looking for. Try EasyReview 1.0!
Why you need a Rate and Review Script?
Whether you are a web designer, web master or an affiliate marketer you need fresh content. Fresh content is the most important aspect to a new website, especially if you want to skyrocket your page rank in the search engines like Google and Yahoo. One of the best ways to add unique and useful content to your site is with user reviews. Reviews add legitimacy to your users' experience, especially for those users who are in need of product information before they buy. In addition, users tend to feel more confident in their buying decision when they know what experience other shoppers have had.
Adding reviews to your website will not only provide you with fresh new content but it will give your site that edge over your competition. Having a rate and review feature on your site will help increase your traffic, which will boost your conversion rate and bottom line.
What's Different about Easy Review Script?
You've probably spent hours searching the web for an application that's light weight and easy to integrate. Many of the review and rating scripts available are either to robust and expensive or incomplete with only star ratings and no reviews. Easy Review Script has both star ratings with average vote display to see how many people have voted or review and item.
EasyReview is compact an easy to use and requires very little configuration and support. You can customize EasyReviewScript to the look and fill of your site using HTML or CSS.
Is EasyReview easy to install?
YES. EasyReview is not a complicated script that requires an advanced degree in programming. If you use ASP and MySQL then this is the script you need.
You can have EasyReview running on your site in no time at all. The script comes with an easy guide to walk you through the configuration and setup process. Wev'e done the work for. All you need to do is intall it on your webite.
Who can use EasyReview?
If you or your Web Master run an ASP driven website and you have experience running MySQl EasyReview is for you.
Requirements: Your web host should have MySQL database and the ability to run ASP. Basic knowledge of the following is required to set up and run the script: ASP, MySQL, HTML.
Ready to see EasyReview in Action!
View Demo (You May Need to Turn off your Pop Up Blocker)
EasyReviewScript 1.0 Product Features
  • Rate and review products, picture, articles and more.
  • Allow your site vistors to use a Star Rating between 1-5 to add with review comments.
  • Set the number of records on a page and continue your reviews on the next page.
  • Log IP address of reviewer so you know where review are comming from.
  • Validates email before submission. Keep users from submitting bad emails.
  • Fully customizable to fit the look and feel of your site.
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